Women working Health Tips

You worked lately? Love your job? Do you have difficulty seeing your work and family life? Need a break?

Research has shown that women who work are extra nutritional needs. Women who have a full time job and family are always under pressure to stay ahead of the game in a competitive environment to work and try to do at home and l ‘ motion and balance well on both.

Is your husband to give a hand here or household activitiesChild care? Helps.

Some diseases, such as anxiety, depression, osteoporosis is more common in women.
Health Tips:

# 1 You need a balanced diet with vitamins and minerals, as well enough. Improves mental performance and the immune system, helps fight disease.

# 2 drink lots of water. Fresh fruit juices (are) no added sugar well. Avoid fizzy drinks.

# 3 Exercise regularly. You can go jogging, cycling or just a walk.It helps ward off heart disease and reduce stress and anxiety.

# 4 Use the stairs instead of the elevator in the office or park the car a few meters away from your workplace.

# 5 always a pause. Can not be burdened with extra work. Take time to relax. Make a calendar.

# 6 Planning is essential. Plan your week with the priorities.

# 7 Go for regular health examinations. Make sure that your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are within normal limits.

Sleep well # 8Night. Least 8 hours of sleep is important. It will take fresh the next day.

The force, working women, is a miracle. However, you should know when to draw the border and take a break. You can travel on vacation or just relaxing, chatting with friends.


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