Fine Quality Skin Care Products For Men

What do Elton John, Tony Romo and Kevin Nealon have in common? They all use skin care products from Alford & Hoff. Their skin care line is proving to be a popular choice, not only among celebrities, but for all men who want a proven skincare regimen.

Skin care products for men are not a new phenomenon. As early as 3500 B.C, both men and women applied color over their eyes in Egypt. Made from a concoction that included ant eggs, the makeup is believed to have been used more to protect the eyes against the sun than as adornment. Makeup was used by ancient Greek and Roman men and was common among Renaissance aristocrats. Even America’s founding fathers were known to powder their faces along with their wigs.

The Alford & Huff line of luxury skin care products cater to the skin care needs of the modern man. Developed with breakthrough biotechnology, their Sirtuin-Activating Complex (SIR2stac Complex) utilizes sirtuins, a class of proteins that scientists believe may assist in the repair of DNA, regulating genes connected with aging. The company was launched by Barry Alford and Jefferson Hoffman, former Arizona State University athletes. It was Alford’s research into neurologically-related diseases that first introduced him to the longevity properties of sirtuins.

For the contemporary man, an interest in skin care products often begins with concerns about shaving. The skin on the face simply cannot thrive under a daily assault from razors without some help. Alford & Hoff comes to the rescue with two products called simply Cleanse and Shave. Cleanse gel foams up to clean and exfoliate the skin, removing the impurities that leave skin looking dull. Moisturizing cactus, sea fennel and oat ingredients activate cellular renewal. Shave, a cream solution that conditions and hydrates the skin, allows for a close, gliding shave while protecting the skin against nicks and cuts. An oat extract adds a healing component, which reduces redness and irritation.

Dry skin and sun damage are as much as a concern to men as they are for women and moisturizer and sunscreen were the next skin care products adopted by the modern man to become part of a daily skin care routine. Alford & Hoff’s Moisturizer SPF 15 Sirtuin-Activating Hydrating Cream addresses both conditions at once. A twice-daily application allows the fusion of emollients, high-tech humectants and the company’s exclusive anti-aging SIR2stac Complex to effect noticeably younger-looking skin while protecting against damage caused by the sun.

Care for the skin around the area of the eyes has become increasingly important to men. Dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles not only make the skin look older, they make the face looked tired and worn. Alford & Huff’s Eye Cream adds Vitamin C peptides to their SIR2stac Complex, as well as rare lavender extracts. The combination works to reduce fine lines around the eyes and firms the skin, diminishing puffiness. Regular use allows for maximum penetration, lifting the skin around the eyes as it brightens overall skin tone.

Further anti-aging effects are achieved with Serum, a concentrate containing an effective combination of Alford & Huff’s trademark SIR2stac Complex. SIR2stac Complex works with natural amino acids, rice botanicals and extracts of Crithmum maritium, pea, lavender and rice to rejuvenate the skin. Company founders Barry Alford and Jefferson Hoffman enlisted the help of Dr. John Gross to create the SIR2stac Complex. A respected cosmetic and plastic surgeon, as well as an Associate Professor at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, Dr. Gross’s research confirmed the antioxidant properties of skin care products. Clinically proven results include an 85 percent improvement in overall appearance, a 76 percent reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and a 60 percent improvement in firming the skin.

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