Relationship Advice For Marriage Counselors

No, I’m not trying to be cheeky. Honest! Marriage counselors are good people too. You are doing your best with what you have learned, but it’s still a struggle for you to have a happy relationship. I know; it is because your techniques don’t work. They are all focused on the wrong things.

Your number one technique (I’ve heard this from numerous clients who came to me to be rescued) is to have the couple communicate openly and succinctly with each other, checking in to see if what is being said is being understood as intended, right? Sounds pretty good on paper, too bad it creates so much pain. Who wants to hear your spouse rag on you some more, and even more succinctly??

Marriage counselors, wake up! How about starting out by telling your spouse how important they are and how handsome or beautiful they are? How about starting your communication with, �Honey, I love you and would do anything I had to for us to be as happy as on our wedding day.�

Forget your training! Look into your spouse’s eyes and take their hands and say something they will feel in their heart, something that will make their toes curl! Remember how you used to adore your spouse? Remember how you used to ignore any flaw you might have come across? Remember how you just wanted to make your true love feel like the most important person alive? Remember all that? Good, because that is what you need to do again. Give more love than you ever gave to anyone including them. Give it all and expect nothing in return. Forget the pain and the little inconveniences. Just give and give and give some more.

I really do want you to be happily married. Soon you will be on the way to happiness and a marriage that will be an example for your clients.

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  1. Will says:

    No copatminls on this end, simply a good piece.

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