What Pre Marriage Question Is The Most Important?

Out of all the questions that we have about so many topics, I consider pre marriage questions to be one of the most delicate. For people who view marriage with little or no importance, they might not agree with this.

Out of all the pre marriage questions that exist, I think that the most important of them all is: Who am I?

Even thought this question has nothing to do with marriage, it does have A LOT to do with the success of it.

Not knowing who we are and understanding ourselves (what we like, dislike, our flaws and virtues) is the same as having little understanding for another person.

Not understanding another person can only result in conflict. These conflicts (discussion, arguments, enmities, etc.) can be present in all types of relationships (courtship, family, friends and of course, marriage).

The biblical golden rule is love thy neighbor as thy self, and if we do not know how to love our selves first, we have no way of actually learning how to love our neighbor (this would include our family members, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends and of course husband/wife).

Love is born through the knowledge of things and starting to know about oneself can be the perfect start to getting to appreciate who you are. Getting to appreciate who you are can also help you learn to appreciate everyone else, including your spouse, no matter what the pre marriage question is.

All other pre marriage questions can derive from this question because it all starts with who you are first and not the person with who you are going to be with.

When it comes to pre marriage questions, not everyone will agree to the same answer. However, I will guarantee you that the majority of people will agree on what benefits them personally from a relationship and not what can benefit there partner.

People seem to be more interested in taking advantage of what relationship has to offer rather than offering to a relationship what they have to give.

But don’t take my word for it, the marriage statistics clearly state that more than 50% of all marriages end in divorce, and the main reason: infidelity (selfishness).

Not only that, you can also go to Google Trends, type in the word marriage and realize that every year people are less interested in searching for the topic. However, type in the word sex and you will see it keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s unstoppable.

The word sex is one of the top 5 most searched terms on the entire Internet; daily, all over the world. Very few pre marriage questions are being searched for compared to this.

Many of those people that have an unhappy relationship search for a lot online marriage counseling and yet do not realize that the changes should start with them first by asking: who am I?

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  1. Jailen says:

    An inelielgtnt answer – no BS – which makes a pleasant change

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